Friday, September 14, 2007

Feedback on 'Going Across' From Paul Baioni (New Orleans)

Email from one of my first readers, Paul Baioni,

Good morning Dave,

The struggle within man arises due to his failure to be "in touch" with
inner self. He battles the voids, creating a lack of confidence in his
beliefs, questioning his "purpose" resulting in poorly defined

Man is a creation of highly complicated reactions. We can not
that of which we have no knowledge. Lacking clearly defined priorities
creates confusion. This confusion is part of the natural evolution of
an IP (Individual Philosophy, my clarification) creating internal anxiety. Anxiety accentuates the voids, immobilizing
action for fear of failure or making a mistake.

Nietzsche was right. Have courage to accept who you are, where you are
your life, and the rest will take care of itself. Be true to your inner
self, easing the anxiety, smoothing the voids. Learn from the past,
dwell, and never fear the future, embrace it, for only the future,
never the
past, presents opportunity.


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